Los Pirineos

Named after the famous Pyrenees Mountains that borders France and Spain.

Los Pirineos

Owner: Gilberto Baraona – Agricafe S.A de C.V.

Region: Tecapa Chinameca

City: Berlin and Alegria Towns.

Department: Usulután

Farm Size: 80 hectares

Coffee Growing Area: 60 Hectares

Forest Area: 10 Hectares

Lots: 15 Lot Farms

Altitude: 000-1600 MASL

Coffee Varieties: Red Bourbon Elite, Tekisic Bourbon, Bourbon Red, Yellow, Orange Pacas, Pacamara Red, Orange, Yellow. Colombia Red and Yellow, Catisic, Icatu Red, Yellow Casiopea, Anacafe 14. Laurina, Ethiopian Heirlooms from, Guji, Jimma, , Harrar, Yirgacheffe and Sidamo regions.


7 Cup of Excellence Placements: 2008 8th, 2010 7th, 2011 17th, 2012 5th 2017 11th, 2018 22th, 2019 2nd.