Our Mill is located at the top of the Tecapa Volcano inside Los Pirineos Coffee Farm, built in 2014 specifically designed to handle and process small and medium coffee micro-lots, at an altitude of 1400 mm above sea level, it is one of the highest located coffee mills in El Salvador. 


The strategic location of the mill was chosen in order to be able to process the best quality coffees taking advantage of the perfect weather and geographic conditions, were the coffee can receive the most hours of sunlight, a fluent and constant wind stream, and a cold environment, that delivers the best conditions to dry our coffee. Currently we have more than 600 African beds under sun and shade, that makes US the largest African drying beds area capacity in the country.

The mill counts with the most modern and ecological equipment for processing coffee, for the wet mill and stainless steel Jotagallo pulpers, and mechanical desmucilage are used for conserving water. The mill is so versatile that can process coffees with different coffee preparations, and fermentation process, such as anaerobic and aerobic natural fermentation, mechanical, extra washed, and even control temperatures process due to our cooling containers.


For the drying coffee process, we have, clay patios, African beds sun and shade dry, and mechanical dryers Guardiola types.


For the Dry mill, we have a very efficient mill design especially for the processing of coffee micro-lots, in different preparations, Natural, Honeys, and Washed coffees. with the latest equipment from Pinhalense, and Xeltron sorters, our mill produces extremely high-quality coffee preparations for our clients around the world.


In 2019, we build our new modern coffee lab, in order to guarantee the best quality and preparations for our clients, making sure clients and friends come to cup in the best possible environment.